Conduit Gate Valves


Conduit Gate Valves
Slab Type – A50B
Expanding Type – A50D

NPS: 12″ – 72″
DN: 300 – 1800

This type is designed and produced for pipelines. They should be preferred for On-Off services. Emergency Shutdown, Line Break and Remote Control types provide sound operation of the line. Manually operated unless otherwise is indicated. It is used as an isolating valve at pig loading-unloading platforms, pump or compressor & RMS stations, storage and distribution terminals. They are manufactured with a flow cross section equals to pipeline cross section. Operation without decreasing the differential pressure is not recommended.

Bolted Bonnet (BB)
Outside Screwed & Yoke (OSY)
Rising Stem (RS)
Double Block & Bleed (DBB)
Anti Static Device (ASD)
Fire Safe Design (FSD)
Aboveground (AG) & Underground (UG)
Full Bore (FB) or Drain & Vent Connection
Injection Sealant

Port Area
Valves are manufactured with full port, complying with API 6D standard.

Face to Face, End to End (FTF & ETE) Dimensions
F to F dimension of valves complies with API 6D and ANSI B16.10 standards.

Compliance certificates to API 6D & ISO 14313 are issued by third party inspection authorities. Licence No: 0449.

» Design API 6D, ISO 10434, ASME B16.34
» Face to Face size ASME B16.10
» End Type ASME B16.5 & B16.47 & ISO 7005 & ASME B16.25
» NACE MR0175
» Fire safe valve design. Design verification through tests and certificates according to API 6FA and ISO 10497 standards.

» Manual Operated (Handwheel or Gearbox)
» Motor Operated (Rotork, Auma)
» Pneumatic Actuators
» Gas – Hydraulic Actuators

Spare Parts
Spare part list of valves is included in “Operation and Maintenance Manual”. Main spares are: Packing, Gasket, Stem Bushing, Seat Ring, Wedge.

Valve Connection
» Flanged End (RF, RTJ)
» Butt Welded (BW)