Gas Powered Actuators



Particularly suited to pipeline valve applications, these highly efficient, ‘direct’ gas or gas-over-oil actuators use the gas flowing in the pipeline for their operation, with no need for any other power source. Both designs offer amongst the lowest emissions of any competing product and are capable of remote and local operation of quarter-turn valves in on-off and modulating heavy-duty service in the harshest of environments and extremes of temperature. Direct gas actuators are available in either double-acting or spring-return formats and there’s a gas-over-oil actuator for linear valve applications


Line Break Valve system eliminates the extreme pressure changes by measuring the speed of pressure decrease. As you can observe from this simulation, the actuator will close the valve automatically when the “pressure of speed decrease” is over the adjusted value. When the system automatically performs its Line Breaking function, the ‘reset valve’ turns itself to the set position and prevent opening the valve. To re-open the valve, first the line should become to its normal operating conditions, after making sure of that an authorized person should reset the actuator at the control panel. In standard Emergency Shut Down Systems, when the line pressure comes to the limits of its set pressure or lover, the line is closed and the safety of the line is provided. Different than this, Line Break Actuator measures the speed of the pressure change, not the pressure itself. Lets say while the line is in its normal operating pressure, when a leakage occurs in the line, or a pipe is broken, this system will recognize the pressure loss at the line and secures the line by shutting the valve. It is preferably set to close after 20-30 seconds to make sure that the decrease is continuing and a potential danger is expected.


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Line break system are primarily associated with the petroleum industry although other industries may also require this type of protection system.