Globe Valves


Globe Valves (A300)

NPS: 2″ – 14″
DN: 50 – 350

Globe Valves are designed to allow perfect positive closure and flow control. They can be regulated to suit frequent on/off operations, and for various pressures or flow rates. Globe valves come with handwheel for manual operation, but can be equipped with different types of actuators upon request.

The advantages of Globe valves on the other hand, are outlined as follows:
» They create no problem during sudden openning/closing operations.
» They do not generally require by-pass systems.
» They are not effected by shocks and vibrations created by the flowing fluid.

Globe – Check Valves have all the same features of globe valves besides they are used instead of check valves by preventing the back flow.

AIV Lift – Check Valves have the same design features as Globe Valves but they only have function of preventing back flow. They can be equipped by spring element for reinforced closing action during vertical or horizontal application, upon request.

Rising Stem (RS)
Outside Screwed (OS)
Yoke (Y)
Fire Safe Design (FSD)

Port Area
Cross section of valve is circular with dimensions to BS 1873 standard.

Face to Face, End to End (FTF & ETE) Dimensions
F to F dimension of valves complies with ANSI B16.10 standard.

Values are designed and manufactured as poer BS 1873 standard. Compliance certificae to BS 1873 is issued by third party independed ogranizations through type testing.

» Design BS 1873, ASME B16.34
» Face to Face size ASME B16.10
» End Type ASME B16.5 & B16.47 & ISO 7005
» NACE MR0175

» Manual Operated (Handwheel or Gearbox)
» Motor Operated (Rotork, Auma)
» Pneumatic Actuators
» Gas – Hydraulic Actuators

Spare Parts
Spare part list of valves is included in “Operation and Maintenance Manual”. Main spares are: Gasket, Packing, Seat Ring, Disc, Stem Bushing, Stem.

Valve Connection
» Flanged End (RF, RTJ)
» Butt Welded (BW)