Plug Valves


Plug Valves (A100)

NPS: 2″ – 30″
DN: 50 – 750

Plug Valve was first produced in 1966, for a vegetable oil factory. Since 1971, plug valve is put into service of oil, fuel oil and petrochemical industry. Until 1983, Vastaş produced Plug valves from 1’’ to 24’’ and 125 Class to 2500 Class. Since 2003, API license was provided and production has continued with appropriate revisions as per technologic innovations.

Bolted Bonnet (BB)
Fire Safe Design (FSD)
Above ground (AG)
Underground (UG)
Short Pattern, Regular Pattern & Venture Pattern
» Operational easiness by quarter turn motion
» Laminar flow within through conduit design which eliminates body cavities
» Compact design when compared gate valves
» Applicable maintenance by field service even for welded types
» Remote control and/or automatic emergency operation upon request.
(Electric, Gas, Air, Hydraulic, etc.)

Port Area
» Port area is rectengular for 3” and larger, round port for 2” and smaller sizes.
» Port area is reduced to 44% of nominal pipe area for short & venturi pattern and 66% for regular pattern valves.

Face to Face, End to End (FTF & ETE) Dimensions
» Comply with ASME B16.10. “L” dimension in this website complies to API standard.
» Manufactured as regular or venturi pattern with Face to Face dimension being short type.

Compliance certificates to API 6D & ISO 14313 are issued by third party inspection authorities. Licence No: 0449.

» Designed and approved as per API 6D, ISO 14313,
» Design criteria to ASME B16.34,
» Welding end dimensions to ASME B16.25,
» Threaded ends to ASME B1.20.1,
» WPS-PQR & WPQ certification complying to American Welding Standards.

» Lever Operated
» Gearbox (G) (Rotork, Mastergear)
» Electric Actuators (E) (Rotork, Auma)
» Spring Return Pneumatic Act. (GC, GL, GN, GF)
» Gas Over Oil Actuators (GO, GS, GI)
» Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator On-Off

Spare Parts
Following spares are available when required;
» Valve flush can be used for removal of old lubricant.
» Valve sealant lubricants. Selection should be done according to fluid type from VAL – TEX catalogue.
» Stem Sealing set as per packing and o-rings.
» Bonnet Sealing Gasket.

Valve Connection
» Flanged End (RF, RTJ)
» Butt Welded (BW)