The Filter Separator is a sturdy, combination package designed to remove contaminants from liquid-free natural gas streams & Available in single and also dual boot configurations. Three  filter elements, are used for the removing the dust, rust and small particles and handle gas capacities up to 15 MMSCMD at 1400 psig. This equipment is designed for high gas / low liquid flow operations and are typically employed upstream and downstream of compressors, glycol dehydration units and fuel gas applications.


  • Design: ASME Section VIII D.I, API 12J, IGS-M-PM-103 (1).
  • Materials and Specifications: ASME Section II
  • Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings: ASME B16.5,B16.47
  • Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding and Threaded: ASME B16.11
  • Hydraulic Fluid Power Filter Elements: ISO 4572
  • Pipe: ASTM or API 5L


  • Design Pressure: Up To 1440psi
  • Product Range: NPS 8” Up To 64” (Body Size)
  • Capacity Range: 5000 SCMH to 300,000 SCMH
  • Pressure Class: #600
  • Standard Temperature: -29°C to 85°C
  • Equipped with Quick Opening Closure (for easy access to change filter elements)
  • Element Support Plate and bottom drains for complete draining the vessel for inspection, cleaning, and element change outs
  • Tests: Nondestructive test (RT-PT/100%) – Paint thickness & adhesion Test – Pneumatic & Hydrostatic test


Standards Materials:

  • Body: ASTM A 516 70N
  • Flanged: ASTM A 105
  • Other materials available on request.


  • Material: Fiberglass. – Filtering capacity: 3 μm
  • Efficiency: 85%