Split Body Ball Valves


Split Body Ball Valves (A601)

NPS: 2″ – 48″
DN: 50 – 1200

These types of valves are being used for NG pipeline pig stations, compressor and measuring stations, RMS Pressure Regulating and measuring stations and above ground applications. Generally used between -46°C up to 100°C. Conformity to MR0175 requirements and PSL2 level can be obtained upon request and can be manufactured with different materials. Sizes from NPS 2 – up to NPS 24 are ex stock. Sizes from NPS 30 up to NPS 48 are partly from stock or can be manufactured.

Split Body (SB)
Double Block & Bleed (DBB)
Trunnion Ball (TB)
Emergency Sealant Injection (Stem & Seat)
Anti Static Device (ASD)
Above Ground (AG)
Full Bore (FB) or Reduced Bore (RB)
Fire Safe Design (FSD)
Body Drain & Vent
Blow-Out Proof Stem

Port Area
Valves are manufactured with full port or reduced port. Bore diameters comply with API 6D standard.

Face to Face, End to End (FTF & ETE) Dimensions
F to F dimension of valves comply with API 6D & ANSI B16.10 standards.


» Design API 6D, ISO 14313, ASME B16.34
» Face to Face size ASME B16.10
» End Type ASME B16.5 & B16.47 & ISO 7005
» NACE MR0175
» Fire safe valve design. Design verification through tests and certificates according to API 6FA and ISO 10497 standards.

» Lever Operated
» Gearbox (G) (Rotork, Mastergear)
» Electric Actuators (E) (Rotork, Auma)
» Spring Return Pneumatic Act. (GC, GL, GN, GF)
» Gas Over Oil Actuators (GO, GS, GI)
» Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator On-Off

Spare Parts
Following spares are available when required.
» Seat Flush for valve cleaning
» Valve sealant lubricants. Selection should be done according to fluid type from VAL-TEX catalogue.
» Stem sealing set as packing and O-rings
» Seat O-ring & seat PTFE set
» Body sealing gaskets

Valve Connection
» Flanged End (RF, RTJ)

» Butt Welded (BW)