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Ardabil Industrial Valves (AIV)


is professional manufacturer of Ball Valves, Shut-off Valves and Gas Over Oil Actuators and also an extensive range of high quality valves for Water utility and power Plan projects, waste water application such as gate valve, check valve and butterfly valves, which founded at 2005 in a land with area of 11800 m² in industrial zone of Ardabil city with the aim of design, production & supply of all kind of valves in oil, gas, petrochemical & water utility industry.

AIV with educated and expert staff and with taking advantage of modern technology and advanced machinery is capable to produce & supply high quality valves & Actuators with various size & pressure, in accordance with IGS & IPS standards.

AIV can provide products according to customer’s designs and requirements. We believe that with adhering to principles of good quality and client’s satisfaction, can offer the best service to our customers.

Moreover, AIV has adequate knowledge and facilities to produce lateral equipment of gas reducing station such as Dry Gas Filter, Filter Separator, Launcher/Receiver & Indirect Water Bath Heaters which can obtain its customer satisfaction.

This company is a member of SIPIEM and till now has been registered in approved vendor list of NIGC, NIOC & related subsidiaries.

History of AIV Manufacturing Activities

  • 2005 : AIV Registered as a manufacturer of equipment in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.
  • 2008: Fully utilization of the company and starting up the production and repairing of `ball valves and flanges` up to 56 inches in Ardabil workshop. Also entering to National Gas Company Vendor List was happened in this year.
  • 2012: In this year, the company succeeded to construct `hydraulic and pneumatic automatic actuators` as a first and only manufacturer in the Middle East, which, with the help of God, was able to produce and also provide after sales services. Also complete repairs of various types of actuators, add to the extensive range of company’s
  • 2015: The company has begun to manufacture and construct `Gas Reducing Station.` The first station constructed by AIV, was `the 120,000m3 Maragheh station`.
  • 2016: AIV registered as a knowledge base company in Oil & Gas industries.
  • 2017: AIV Began to produce equipment of Gas Reducing Station such as `Water Bath Heater, Filter Separator, Dry Gas Filter & etc`. These equipment, along with the  previous products, like ball valves, actuators and station constructing, become a complete package.
  • 2016-2019: Manufacturing other valves which are required in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries such as `Gate Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve & Globe Valve` was started. also the `Automatic Electric Actuator` were added to the company’s product range. The last but not the least important, these `motor operated valves (MOV)`, now is producing in Tehran (Salariyeh) workshop.

Organization Chart

Vision & Mission

AIV tries to promote to a stable company at international level in the manufacture and supply of industrial valves in different sizes.

AIV involved in design, manufacture and supply of all kinds of industrial valves and some lateral equipment for gas reducing station. This company for increasing its customer satisfaction produces and supplies high quality products according to international standards and its customer’s demand. AIV with having efficient and hardworking staff and with providing after sales service always strives to meet the needs of its customers in all over the country.

Integrated Management System

AIV Policy

AIV is involved in design, production and supply of all kinds of industrial valves and also some lateral equipment of gas reducing stations. This company manufactures and supplies quality products according to international standards and requirements of its customers with taking advantage of its expert’s staff and with presenting after sales service, for increasing customer satisfaction of its customers in oil & gas industry. AIV with benefiting of high management capability and thinking based on oriented system, continues to grow and improvement. The main objective of our company is improving the quality of provided services and creating a safe and secure environment for staff and also considering the environmental issues. For making practical these objectives, we implemented the Integrated Management System (IMS)(ISO9001-ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001).

AIV Equipments 

 AIV has 4 different workshops in Ardabil & Tehran which are equipped with high technic machineries for all production stages of valves & actuators. The specification of these machineries is categorized in two different sections by the name of “General Equipment” & “Inspection Equipment”.

AIV Certificates

AIV is possessor of necessary certificates from authentic international organizations both for its product & system. The details & documentations are all available in three different parts by the name of “system certificates” , “product certificates” & “process certificates”.

System Certificates :
ISO 9001:2015 Certified by TϋV Inter Cert
ISO 14001:2015 Certified by TϋV Inter Cert
ISO 18001:2007 Certified by TϋV Inter Cert
ISO 290001:2010 Certified by QMC

Product Certificates:
Fire Test Certificates Certified by Alliance
Functional Test of parts Certified by Alliance
( safety shut off valve)

Process Certificates:
CE Declaration Certificate Certified by QMC
ISO 3834-2:2005 Certified by MOODY

Ardabil Industrial Valves

Ardabil Industrial Valves