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Ardabil Industrial Valves (AIV)

is professional manufacturer of Ball Valves, Shut-off Valves and Gas Over Oil Actuators and also an extensive range of high quality valves for Water utility and power Plan projects, waste water application such as gate valve, check valve and butterfly valves, …

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Ball valves are being used for Natural Gas Pipeline Stations, compressor and measuring stations, pressure regulating and measuring stations and above/under ground applications.



Actuators are designed for usage in Natural Gas Pipelines,working with  line pressure. They can automatically operate under each weather condition where no personnel and electric energy are present.

Process Equipment


Natural Gas Reducing station is to regulate the NG outlet pressure to a setting value. Station and its Equipment are manufactured as a complete package.

Pipeline Equipment


The PIG LAUNCHERS & RECEIVERS are designed for introducing and removing all different types and sizes of pigs in and out of a pipeline system. Both, PIG LAUNCHER & RECEIVER are equipped with closures according to ANSI codes.