Installation of the First 42-inch Motor Operated Valve Manufactured in Iran in Goreh-Jask National Project.

The 42’’#900 motor operated valve manufactured in Iran, with domestic capacity, which can be used in sour service, was installed in the pump station No. 4 of the Goreh-Jask National Crude Oil Transfer Plan.

According to Shana, quoting the National Iranian Oil Company, Ali Jafarzadeh, the deputy head of the Goreh-Jask national project, said that: The 42-inch (MOV Full-Bore) MOV valve, which was Manufactured for the first time in the country yesterday (May, 28th) was installed and commissioned in pump station No. 4 of the Goreh-Jask national project.

He added: “This valve is manufactured by a consortium consisting of Iranian companies , with the capable hands of local experts, for the first time in the country after passing steps such as casting and machining, and one of its most important capabilities is its use in sour services.”

This motor operated valve was sent to the pump station No. 4, After assembling and passing the tests and recording the desired results.