The refinery has balanced refining capacity of 190 kbbl/d and a conversion index of 59%. ENI management believes that this unit is among the most efficient refineries in Europe. Located in the Po Valley, it mainly supplies markets in North-Western Italy and Switzerland. The high degree of flexibility and conversion capacity of this refinery allo
ws it to process a wide range of feedstock. From a logistical standpoint this refinery is located along the route of the Central Europe Pipeline, which links the Genoa terminal with French speaking Switzerland.

The Refinery, located in the Turin-Milan-Genoa industrial triangle, satisfies the demands for energy in the most highly industrialized area in Italy.
This position also prompted the development of a closely knit supply and distribution network through oil pipelines, minimizing environmental impact and costs linked with on the road haulage and handling oil products, furthermore guaranteeing punctual and at the same time faster delivery